Our People

Julian Foley - Director, NORM Solutions 

Julian is responsible for the planning and execution of complex projects, and the management of our NORM Solutions. 

A highly experienced waste industry professional with over two decades of knowledge, Julian has dealt with regular items such as smoke detectors and uranium and thorium salts, the disposal of depleted uranium contanimated armour plating which had previously been used in the testing of DU shells, and the callibration of military firing systems. 

Julian has experience in co-ordinating the delivery and disposal of around 3000te of NORM sludge - the largest ever consignment of NORM since the introduction of 1962 legislation relating to NORM.

Relevant Qualifications:

BSc (Hons) Chemistry

Radiological Proetction Supervisor


John Davidson - Operations Manager, NORM Solutions

John is responsible for the safe, efficient and cost effective execution of all NORM Solutions operations. 

In John's previous employment, he spent 16 years at Dounreay Site Restoration Limited carrying out Decommissioning projects within the nuclear industry. Beginning as Decommissioning Operator and working his way up to Project Supervisor, John was responsible for the safe operation of the facility and carrying out a wide range of decommissioning operations. During that time, he trained as a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) and also spent seven years as Area Waste Officer dealing with large volumes of waste and varying waste streams.

Since joining NORM Solutions, John has transferred processes and control measures from the nuclear industry and integrated them into NORM Solutions to improve the control and handling of NORM contaminated equipment and waste streams.

Relevant Qualifications:

Radiological Protection Supervisor

Managing safely IOSH, process operations,iInstrumentation of processes, plant service, industrial science, materials handling, computer applications and core mathematics.