16 Oct 2017NORM Solutions plays key role in supporting major offshore Operator

NORM Solutions was delighted to receive positive feedback from one of the major UK North Sea Operators after assisting with its prolonged offshore refurbishment programmes.

Over the summer months, NORM Solutions personnel were sent out to a client's offshore installation to monitor and package redundant oilfield tubulars and a large amount of high-value rental equipment. By having experienced NORM Solutions staff at the scene, this allowed for the quick and efficient prioritising of the decontamination sequence and provided instant solutions for the refurbishment work-scope.

Onshore, NORM Solutions made sure that the client’s high-value rental equipment was decontaminated promptly and returned quickly to the sub-contractor, resulting in a shorter rental period and a resultant saving in cost for the client. Opening hours at the company’s West Tullos facility were extended and the site remained open to deal with equipment as soon as it returned onshore. This was possible as NORM Solutions is only facility in the north east of Scotland which is authorised by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to receive and decontaminate equipment 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.

During the offshore refurbishment programme, a significant number of challenges related to NORM contaminated equipment were met by NORM Solutions yet significant cost efficiencies were still made for the client.

The refurbishment project was greatly aided by good communications and a willingness to work together to achieve a prompt, professional, efficient and economic result.