19 Nov 2017NORM Solutions continues investment programme at Aberdeen base

NORM Solutions is reflecting on a positive period of continuous development and improving levels of service at its best in class NORM treatment service facility in Aberdeen.

This year, the company made a further investment in a new 40,000psi ultra high-pressure jetting pump following an earlier £100,000 investment to expand its site infrastructure. The new pump will be used to enhance the cleaning of tubulars, and will allow NORM Solutions to turn around client material even quicker and deliver a more efficient service for its customers.

A decision was made on pump specifications at the design stage of the facility due to many advantages of using high pressures at this level. Firstly, NORM Solutions are not required to add chemicals or abrasives into the cleaning process, both of which result in increased costs and higher volumes of waste destined for further disposal. High pressure blasting using only water increases the environmental effectiveness of the process as it allows the water waste to be collected, filtered and recirculated for re-use.

The installation of the new pump follows a £30,000 upgrade of NORM Solutions’ air scrubbing and circulation systems earlier this year which has resulted in greater efficiency.